Dispatches from Jake (ep.3)

Kitted out!!!

That’s the phrase of the day. As we were making our way down the cycling path from Annecy to Albertville, I noticed that Europeans take great pride in looking the part. It’s funny watching a fully decked out racing bike with rider pass you in great haste only to pull in front of you and take a slow down to a dismal pace. If this only happened a few times I would have not come to this conclusion but this quickly developed into a pattern. I also noticed many people going out for only a few miles and then returning to show boat around the camping area just to catch people’s attention. I guess I have seen riders do this in the states but not to this degree. It was a real pleasure finally being on a bike path with some amazing scenery (thanks again to our train pal from Germany for the suggestion). It was amazing riding through the area the tour would be following the next day. I could definitely sense a buzz in the air with riders and people lining the roads with the campers and RV’s setting up to cheer on the riders. Albertville is amazing, we didn’t know it but it was the site of the ’92 Olympic games. The town definitely had the “olympic” village buildings that were falling apart but the town itself was vibrant and friendly not to mention beautiful in it’s own right. Also met some great people in the campsites along with dogs. We are both missing our dog and it’s nice to run your hand through some fur again.

JVO out!!!

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