Dispatches from Jake (ep. 6)

DSCF0705 (1)


The Bobs

If you have ever seen the early 2000’s movie the office you will probably recognize the sub title of this post.  I feel very fortunate to have two Bobs in my life that I consider very close.  One Bob I met back in Oregon while I was trying to figure out who I was and helped me to become the person I am.  And the other Bob I recently met on the trail in Switzerland (along with his charming wife Amanda) has been showing me how to tour on bike and through life.  Both Bobs are very similar in all aspects but especially in wisdom and guidance (two things I lack).  After another day in Switzerland and trying to set up camp (only to have the camp host tell us to move our tent after we had set it up), Kelli and I were both tired mentally and physically.  Thankfully while making dinner we were approached by Bob and his wife who introduced themselves.  After a few minutes Kelli and I both felt that we had a kindred spirit with these people and ended up sharing 3 amazing days on the trail with them.  Bob and Amanda showed us the proper way to tour, taking coffee and ice cream breaks to stager the day.  I can’t say enough about theses people (and their wives, both Bobs have amazing wives) and how truly thankful I feel to know them.  One of my goals for this tour was to met people and make a connection either big or small, well this was a big connection and I can’t wait to tour with these two again or met them on the hill.  Thanks Bobs!!!!

Touring the proper way, taking a break for ice cream!!!!DSCF0701

Waiting out the storm instead of trying to ride through it (wisdom)!DSCF0702

JVO out





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