Dispatches from Jake (ep. 5)

I’ve got the meat, cheese, bread and Chamonix sweats!!!!


Yeah basically in that order, since we touched down in Chamonix both Kelli and I are completely overwhelmed with this place.  Incredible is the only word that comes to mind right now and that doesn’t even sum up how I feel about this place.  Chamonix is the mecca for all things outdoors, one side of the valley has a fleet of paragliders falling from the sky the other side has hikers and bikers congesting the roadways and trails.  Kelli and I felt right at home immediately after we got off the train (first train station that didn’t smell like piss) and started to pedal around.  Unfortunately, we should have gotten off 3 stops prior to the main Chamonix train depot thus placing us 3km out from our hotel.  But we’re on bikes right so it shouldn’t be a problem, well the screen shot i put on the phone when we had wifi showed us at a different station so my map was worthless.  Luckily the nice people in Chamonix took pity on us and explained the route to us in detail.  So far the weather had been great but as soon as we started our journey we were enveloped in a down pour (i.e. cow pissing on rock that is well hydrated).  I had forgotten where I put my rain coat (nice work dumb ass) and as Kelli sits to edit this post, she can’t help but think…this is why all your gear has a place and all that gear is in said place!!!  We finally arrived at Le Vert Hotel in Chamonix and were met with a warm welcome from Richard who promptly got us into our room and lined out for dinner.  The hotel has an awesome bar, restaurant and staff not to mention the room was perfect. After drying off and showering (oh yeah at this point the rain had stopped) we went down to the Le Vert hotel restaurant and had a proper mountain town dinner. The French and their cuisine have not disappointed us, and Chamonix is no exception.  The next day the weather held and we were able to cruise the town and shops along with getting on a alpine slide and hauling ass down the mountain (don’t worry Kelli has video…but probably will not share because the point of view is flanked by her two very strange and very white knee caps).  The best part of the day was finding a small pub by the river that had a huge screen showing the tour.  We were accompanied by a group of Spanish cyclists that were celebrating a birthday with multiple shots of tequila (what can go wrong with that?).  Between watching them live it up and the riders going through the last alpine stage in a torrential down pour, it was truly memorable experience.  Hey, Andy if your reading this… you need to get over here to watch the tour. Kelli and I are talking about doing a bike tour that follows the tour.  Kelli and I have already decided that we will be coming back to Chamonix soon to spend some more time, this place is EPIC, BRAH!!!!!!!

JVO out


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